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Before I get started, its important to note that this is an original article written by the site author for Weight-Loss-. and is copyright protected and cannot be published elsewhere. So now the legal protection stuff is out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the many popular weight loss tips that are currently in existence are either highly successful or not depending upon a variety of criteria and individual characteristics of the people who make use of them.

It’s no secret that losing weight can be a hit or miss pursuit for many people. This is mainly down to the value of the information they have in their possession, but more so what they do with that information and how they put it into practise. So what is the reason so many people fail to lose weight even when they have all the knowledge and all the right circumstances that should really make them succeed?

Weight Loss Success

Success at losing weight comes down to a very few, very basic precepts.

  • Having the right mindset
  • Understanding diet
  • Understanding exercise
  • Not cheating

Anything else is pretty much just gravy, but if you can grasp the essentials, then you are well on your way to succeeding where before you may have failed. Let’s break each of the above points down and explain them in some more detail.

Weight Loss Tips
Having the right mindset means having a positive, upbeat attitude about your chances of successfully losing weight.  Its no good getting on the scales or looking in the full length mirror and thinking to yourself, “I’m never going to lose all that!” If you really want to be thinner, fit into a smaller dress size, look more toned and be lighter on the scales, you are going to have to start believing that you WILLsucceed! A positive mental attitude can transform your chances of success in ways that will amaze you when it happens.

Understanding diet is a no brainer, because you probably already know that you are going to have to ditch all the junk food, all the processed, sugar, salt and additive laden rubbish that you have been eating and replace it with healthy, fresh foods.

Add to that you are also going to have to stop drinking sugary, fizzy soda drinks whether they are low calorie or not because they all contain ingredients that are detrimental to your weight loss efforts. Well you can also visit this link http://www.mollyfoxfitness.com/three-easy-dieting-tips/ for more knowledge. Oh yes, you didn’t know that? Low calorie, or sugar free drinks contain artificial sweeteners which are not only potentially dangerous to your health, but they actually stimulate your appetite making you feel hungry and wanting to eat! Bad, bad, bad!

Understanding exercise again is a pretty fundamental part of losing weight, but its one so many people tend to overlook in favor of just relying on their diet to make them lose weight. Exercise is every bit as important as a good diet to shifting that stubborn spare tire or those flabby, cellulite thighs because this is the part of the equation where your body actually burns the spare fat. Sure, there are some popularized diets out there that promise you can burn fat without exercise, but that’s not to be trusted. It might work for some people who already have an overactive metabolism, but for most people, exercise is the only sure fire way to shift that excess fat.

That’s because exercise is a way of forcing the body’s muscles to work. When those muscles work, then need energy which comes from the sugars in the bloodstream. Those sugars come from your diet, so when you eat and drink too much, you provide your body with too much sugar. The excess simply gets stored as fat because its not being used by your muscles. So when you exercise hard and for an extended period, all the excess sugars get used up by your muscles. The good part is once your muscles have used up all the sugar in your bloodstream, your body must provide more for them to keep working. Then it starts to take from the store of fat, converting the fat back into usable sugars to provide your muscles with the energy they need to keep working. That’s how exercise combined with a good diet really can raise your chances of success to new heights. But there is one last weight loss tip that is as important, or maybe even more so than all the rest combined…

Not cheating on your diet or your exercises is the sure fire way to lose weight. This last point is probably the most common thing that causes people to fail at their chosen method. By that, I mean far too many people cheat. But even worse, they won’t admit to cheating, not to anyone else and often not even to themselves.

Cheating on your diet is bad enough. Sneaking that cream cake or pack of potato chips when you think no one is watching is ok if done only occasionally and then backed up by some extra exercise to burn off all those extra calories you just consumed. But to do it every day and think you are not doing your chances of success any harm is crazy. Yet dieters do it all the time. Then they blame their diet for failing them.

Or they skip off their exercises for the day and spend some “me time” on the sofa watching TV. Then they tell everyone that exercise is a waste of time as they didn’t lose any weight. Its just another form of cheating. But you know what? The only person you are cheating is yourself. No one else. Just you.

That’s because when you boil it all down to its component parts, losing weight is all about one person and that person is you. No one else can do it for you, its up to you to want it enough that you will not cheat. You can always visit this site for more information. Then, with a positive mental attitude, a good understanding of how diet and exercise work together with a determination not to cheat, you will succeed at losing the amount of weight that you want to lose and achieve your goal because that’s what you have chosen to do.

For more information and additional resources, there is an excellent website that contains no less than 100 articles each of which is a separate tip here at: Weight Loss Tips. Check it out as it’s an amazing library of knowledge on the subject.

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