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If you are looking at the possibility of losing some weight through your diet, but so far have not been having the kind of success that you want, it may be useful to try a different approach. There are many very good options available to you as in real world health programs and diet stores such as Weight Watchers. There are also many very good weight loss diets online that you can try. Many are very easy to use or come with a most convenient aspect of delivering all the food you will need for a set period of time to your home. It is these online diets that this article will make an overview style of look at.


Nutrisystem, a wholly American owned company is one of the market leaders in diet food delivery diets that you can sign up for online. Their diet system is very simple in that all the food you will need for a whole month is delivered to your home. It comes as mostly pre-packaged processed meals with a smaller proportion of fresh frozen meals that you can store in your freezer. For the best information visit this link http://drestory.com/. There are several plans that cater specifically for men, women, with both men’s and women’s versions of plans for seniors, diabetics and vegetarians. Nutrisystem is the least expensive of the diet delivery companies over a four week plan.

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Jenny Craig

This is a similar company to Nutrisystem in that they provide all your food and deliver it to your home. Jenny Craig is owned by the Austrian food company Nestle. Jenny Craig is the most expensive of the diet food delivery companies week by week.


Diet-to-Go is another very easy way to lose weight with food that is delivered to your door. The meals are freshly prepared, healthy and nutritionally balanced while being portioned to mean you feel satisfied after eating. Each week, fresh meals are prepared and frozen, so you always get fresh frozen meals in your diet with a week supply in each order. You can choose either 5 day or 7 day meal plans and they are divided between regular or vegetarian with low fat or low carb options.

Bistro MD

Bistro MD was created and developed by bariatric physician Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist and is similar to Diet-To-Go in that they prepare fresh meals and ship them to your home frozen. You can also choose 5 or 7 day plans but not longer because the food must maintain its freshness. They have 4 main plans that you can choose from although you can also work with their team and have a personalized menu prepared at an additional cost. They also provide low sodium menus on request. You order one week or food and then you will keep receiving subsequent weeks of food until you manually cancel.


eDiets.com, Inc is registered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is another similar company to Diet-To-Go and Bistro MD in that they provide fresh cooked frozen meals with a 5 or 7 day plan. The food is prepared upon taking your order and frozen, packed in cool coxes and delivered to your home address by FedEx. Also visit our top article for extra information. There are plans for seniors, diabetics. As with Bistro MD, eDiets also provide low sodium menus on request.

There is some more information about these companies that can be found here: Nutrisystem
Jenny Craig

Okay, that is a short list of the more popular weight loss diet delivery companies in the US. It is not all of them right now and I will return to this article to add more at a later date. But for now, this is going up on the site so readers will have the information right now.

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