Convertible Strollers for 2015

Convertible Strollers for 2015

When buying a stroller for more than one child, it is a good idea to go for convertible strollers. You get the option to add an extra seat for your younger baby while puttingthe old one in the main compartment. A good convertible type doesn’t make your decision look silly, even if your second child is yet to be born. It also helps you when your first child grows a bit older and is able to sit in such a stroller alone. You then have the option to convert it into a single one again. Models which are considered as the best convertible strollers are Britax B-Ready, Baby Jogger City Select, and Uppa Baby Vista

boy and girl sitting in baby carriages

boy and girl sitting in baby carriages

Britax B-Ready

In Britax B-Ready, the second seat goes in the back. This makes space a bit smaller, but can be modified according to the length of the stroller. According to reviewsby parents, if you’re the type who is a quick strider and often walk pretty fast, this is not for you. For casual striders, it won’t be a problem. This stroller has 34 different positions to fit the second seat. Most of the strollers, the convertible ones, can be folded only by taking off the second seat. But only B-Ready strollers can be folded with both the seats. This is a great convertible transport for your babies, unless you have twins, because of the difference in the seat sizes. The primary seat can hold up to 55lbs, which is for children aged 5 or 6 years old; and the second one holds up to 35lbs, which is for toddlers, aged 1 to 3 years old.They come at a reasonable price but is a great stroller for carrying children of different ages.

City Select Joggers

The second one, City Select joggers, tend to have their second seats set in front of the first seat. This not only provides enough space for both of the kids but also helps the parents to not kick the back of the stroller. The position of the second seat can be changed and it is really versatile when it comes to altering it. However, despite its versatility, it becomes difficult to operate the whole jogger as the front becomes heavier by the weight of the second seat. So, if someone lives in a hilly area or needs to pop the whole thing onto a higher ground, the process becomes troublesome. The problem can be lessened by putting the heavier child on the back. In these strollers, the seats are identical and each can take up to 45lbs. It might be the most suitable one if you have twins to carry in it. These are a bit pricey and aren’t very suitable for carrying children of different ages.

Uppa Baby Vista

The last one, UppaBaby Vista, which is one of the most luxurious types, comes with a very easy-to-use model, with a seat that can be placed both forward or backward. These strollers are easy to fold, but even with this,you have to remove the second seat. A third seat can be provided if you need one,but requires some extra cash. The bassinet is amazing as it comes with a canopy, and provides good shed whenever the sun is too bright. The handlebars can be adjusted according to the parents’ heights, for which it is the most popular type among them.It is also a versatile model as the second seat can be placed according to the parents’ choices. Overall, Uppa Baby Vista is the best type if someone is willing to pay extra for better comfort and easier functions.



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